A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences

Our Program

A Bachelor of Science degree program in Fermentation Sciences was developed at Appalachian State University and approved by the UNC General Administration in June of 2012. Since then, students attending Appalachian State University have the option to pursue a BS degree in Fermentation Sciences (FER). 

The Fermentation Sciences program is an inter-disciplinary degree offered in the A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences, within the College of Arts and Sciences, intended to provide students with a strong background in chemistry and biology as well as a considerable focus in business, marketing and entrepreneurial principles.

Our goal is to prepare students to be extremely competitive in the fields of:

  • Fermentation Sciences
  • Wine and Brewing Sciences
  • Food science and technology
  • Bio-processing / Bio-technology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology (microbiology and plant biology)
  • Agriculture Value Addition
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Fermentation Sciences core courses include:

  • Principles of Fermentation Science
  • Social Implications of Fermented Beverages
  • Viticulture: Vine Physiology and Vineyard Establishment
  • Facility Design and Operation
  • Wine Production and Analysis
  • Brewing Science and Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer

Helpful Listings

Fermentation Sciences majors will take courses in:

With additional choices of courses in:



CFS Departmental Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Statement

The Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences is a community of scientists, educators and learners. We encourage members to contribute, connect, and apply their experiences to scientific inquiry as this fosters diversity in thought and enhances the collective learning environment. We also strive to provide an inclusive community so each member feels their individual experiences are valued and respected in this collaboration. Diversity in this community enriches our scientific hypotheses, observations, and problem solving methods. For significant advances to take place, all members have a responsibility to support diversity in this environment.

Resources that may assist members of this community are available through these links:

Office of Disability Resources

Diversity and Inclusion at Appalachian

Early Intervention Team

Campus Activities

Diversity and Inclusion in the American Chemical Society

Summer Brewing Short Course

The Appalachian State University brewery operations short course is intended for those working within the brewing industry and the advanced home brewer; specifically those considering starting a business or intent on increasing their proficiency and understanding of fundamental brewing principles and technologies.


Brewing Short Course