Rhinegeist Brewery is looking for a Packaging QA/QC associate.

The job expectations for the Packaging QA/QC Associate are as follows:

Daily running of package DO/TPOs and recording (using a Gehaltemeter and/or Anton-Paar C-box with a can piercer).
Routinely checking keg DO/CO2 with Gehaltemeter and/or Anton Paar C-box.
Troubleshooting and recommending remediation plans.
Training canning line staff on QA best practices.
Writing/revising QA SOPs for the respective packaging areas.
Attend weekly lab meetings with weekly summaries.
Rotech tests on kegs and graph analysis
Fill level tests on all 24 fill heads
ATP and line cleanliness
Spot checking line for printing error, scratches and seam issues
Weekly run time and efficiency reports
Minimum required education/experience:

4-year college degree with a focus in science.
Minimum of 1 year of experience in the food and beverage industry, preferably with experience in QA/QC and/or packaging in the brewing industry.
Organized, flexible, good troubleshooting skills, able to work independently as well as in a team environment. Basic computer skills are a plus.
Able to (occasionally) lift 50 pounds repeatedly (unassisted) and occasionally handle full (165 pound) kegs.

BrewDayThe Fermentation Sciences program is a unique feature of Appalachian State University. Students can get involved in different fermentation related activities on campus as part of course work or one of the research projects. An updated list of events can be found at the Fermentation Club page. The club is part of the Appalachian State University AppSync Organization system.

AppSync Club page:

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The goal of the Fermentation Sciences Club is to extend the classroom experience to the greater community at the University. Our events will include guest speakers, hands-on fermentations, tastings, in-major mentoring and practical applications. The club is open to all majors, and will act as an academic, professional and social resource for students.


Ryan Slobodzinski has been selected for the Fermentation Sciences Lab Assistant position!

"My appreciation for fermentation sciences began as a craft beer enthusiast but as my education deepened my attraction evolved. To my surprise, there are many different facets to fermentation sciences, such as for biotechnology use, food preservation, and alcohol fermentation. The department allowed me to engage in hands-on production labs so that all the chemistry and biology learned could be applied. My favorite aspect is how I can use this application to manipulate microorganisms to produce a desired product. The professors really set you up for success. After college I would like to either get hired on as a brewer in a small-scale facility or to perform quality control analysis."

Ryan Slobodzinski