A Bachelor of Science degree program in Fermentation Sciences has been developed at Appalachian State University and was approved by the UNC General Administration in June 2012. Students at Appalachian State University now have the option to pursue a BS degree in Fermentation Sciences (FER).      

The Program of Study can be found here or you can browse the list of undergraduate majors.

The Fermentation Sciences program is an inter-disciplinary degree within the College of Arts and Sciences intended to provide students with a strong background in chemistry and biology and a considerable focus in business, marketing and entrepreneurial principles.

Our goal is prepare students to be extremely competitive in the fields of:

  • Fermentation Sciences
  • Wine and Brewing Sciences
  • Food science and technology
  • Bio-processing / Bio-technology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology (microbiology and plant biology)
  • Agriculture Value Addition
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Students are required to fulfill rigorous core requirements in sciences and humanities while gaining exposure to principles of fermentation sciences, systems design and engineering, and understanding the social and cultural implications of food and beverage production. Upper-level students will have extensive hands-on experience with production systems including bio-processing technology to handle agricultural and industrial waste streams, water treatment, and environmental remediation.  Students will be integral in the operations and management of the fermentation pilot plant - from designing innovative approaches for reducing resource utilizations and improving operating efficiencies to recipe development, research collaborations with industry partners, and business management of the fermentation pilot plant.  ASU students are expected to engage in all aspects of the discipline ranging from economics to applied science and laboratory methods for basic and advanced chemical and microbiological analyses.

Throughout the process of program development, Fermentation Sciences faculties have developed industry collaborations with local vineyards, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and biotechnology businesses to provide students with a "real-world" classroom for practical experience.  Students within the program will also have the opportunity to work in the ASU Enology Services Laboratory and develop their laboratory techniques while working with state of the art instrumentation.

The Fermentation Sciences academic curriculum was designed to encourage all students to pursue a minor in a discipline of their particular interest: Biology, Chemistry, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship. Students are advised to declare a minor early in their tenure to increase academic diversity among students and provide a specialization for each graduate. This will also contribute to the competitiveness of ASU graduates entering the workforce. In addition, a concentration in Fermentation Sciences has been developed for students obtaining a degree through the Department of Chemistry at ASU.

Helpful listings:

Fermentation Sciences majors will take courses in:

With additional choices of courses in:

Fermentation Sciences core courses include:

  • Principles of Fermentation Science
  • Social Implications of Fermented Beverages
  • Viticulture: Vine Physiology and Vineyard Establishment
  • Facility Design and Operation
  • Wine Production and Analysis
  • Brewing Science and  Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis of Wine and Beer


ASU Box 32163
730 Rivers Street
Edwin Duncan Hall, Suite 108
Boone, NC 28608


Study Abroad Info Session at Bass Lake (3rd fl.) PSU

Thurs., Nov. 19th, 5:30-6pm

Wines and Vines of the World: Exploring Old and New World Traditions of Growing Grapes and Making Wine

When: May 21 – June 12, 2016
Where: The Loire Valley of France
Cost: $3,520

Dr. Seth Cohen
Director, Viticulture Program

Dr. Wendy Winn
Associate Professor, Technical Writing

Brewing Short Course

The Fermentation Sciences program offers a 5-day brewing short courses each summer intended for those working within the brewing industry or the advanced home brewer.


See http://wine.appstate.edu
for more information.



Looking for information on the Enology Services Lab, Craft Beverage Workshop Series, or other production resources? See our outreach page: http://wine.appstate.edu/

Program Updates

The Fermentation Sciences program was highlighted by The Altlanic in January 2014,  USA Today College in October 2012, and featured as the topic of this American Brewers Association Craft Beer Muses article in August of 2011.

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