Transfer Students

Transferring Courses

Prospective students should work closely with their own institution and the ASU Office of Transfer Services to make certain that courses they are pursuing will transfer into ASU for the intended credits. We highly recommend potential transfer students initiate this communication as soon as they consider this option.

There are 40 hours of major course requirements that can be completed at any North Carolina community college where they are offered and transferred into the program. Those interested in obtaining an Associate's degree before transferring to the Fermentation Sciences program are encouraged to pursue an Associate in Science and talking to their institution about the pre-major courses available to them.

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Articulation Agreements

In November 2012, the Fermentation Sciences program developed and signed Appalachian State University's first 2 + 2 articulation agreement with a North Carolina Community College. Students at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Blue Ridge Community College can now follow a 4-year plan to receive an AS and then Fermentation Sciences degree per this agreement. Similar agreements with other regional community college campuses are currently under development. Click here to see either agreement and 4-year plan. Please contact us for more information.



Although the NCCC System is phasing out the 44-Core, students currently pursuing a 44-Core program can take advantage of the official 44-Core Checksheet (PDF, 425 KB) for Fermentation Sciences, which highlights courses available at community colleges that will transfer into the program as part of the university's General Education requirement.

Feel free to contact us with specific questions or inquiries.