The knowledge and skills developed in the Fermentation Sciences program have relevance to numerous professional fields and careers. Students will be exposed to a wide range of applications to broaden their career scope and assure long-term success. The focus in business and entrepreneurship will prepare students with the knowledge required to develop or manage a business including experience with food and beverage regulations, laws, and social responsibilities.

Common areas of career focus are:

  • Brewing Production
  • Wine Production
  • Distillation Technologies
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Applied Biotechnology
  • Bio-manufacturing / Bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Process Engineering
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Waste and Water Treatment
  • Agriculture Value Addition
  • Development of Sustainable Energy and Resources
  • Applied Chemistry / Analytical Chemistry
  • Applied Microbiology and Systems Biology
  • Business Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Federal employment with the USDA, FDA, CDC, NREL
  • Graduate studies and research and development in these areas



Recent announcements that nationally distributed breweries Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing Company, and Oskar Blues will join the ranks of local and regional breweries and open East Coast production facilities near Asheville, NC highlights the growing importance of craft beverage production to the North Carolina economy. MillerCoors has been a large employer in Eden, NC for years- but now the popularity of craft brewing and the importance for other national brands to reduce their carbon footprint has led to new job creation in NC. The number of wineries in the state is over 110 now and has a demonstrated economic impact through tourism and sales. The craft distillation markets are expanding at a rapid pace, as are local food and beverage production businesses. In addition- NC has invested heavily in making Research Triangle Park an epicenter for Biotechnology research and development. All of these areas are tied together by fermentation sciences and provide a wealth of opportunity for graduates across many disciplines.

A primary objective for the Fermentation Sciences program is to build an educated and innovative workforce in the eastern U.S. at a time of rapid industry growth in craft beverage production and bio-processing. Our goal is to provide local industry with qualified and experienced students with a solid foundation in the scientific and business principles required for sustainable economic growth in the region. Agriculture industries will benefit from the curiosity, innovation, and intellect of students engaged in developing value-addition for agricultural products. This includes increasing crop values by elevating quality, integrating sustainable agriculture and processing practices, and successful marketing and promotion. Students will benefit from an innovative, hands-on approach to learning and real-word experience preparing them for a broad range of careers.