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App State Chemistry and Fermentation Service Lab accepts grape, wine, must, cider, beer, hops, barley, distillate, hemp  and other specialty beverage samples for analysis. Our mission is to support the production of consistent, high quality products by providing analytical services coupled with technical assistance to growers and producers.



Lab results will be sent to you via email and are made available and cataloged for lab clients via the member access function. Turn around time for most analysis is 24 hours or less after receiving the samples.



Please notify the lab when shipping samples and include the tracking number of the shipment. Refer our shipping page for more details regarding shipping procedures. 



Please include the Sample Submission Form with when shipping. Ensure that samples are packages securely and inlcude ice packs with any non stabilized samples. Please use a secondary containment method to protect against leaks or breakage during transport. 



 AnalysesRateMinimum Quantity
HempCannabinoids by UHPLC/DAD$70.00 Please inquire
Hemp Terpenes by GC/MSD$80.00 Please inquire
PanelsJuice #1: Brix, pH, TA$35100 mL
Juice #2: Brix, pH, TA, Malic, Nitrogen$55200 mL
Wine #1: pH, SO2, TA, Alcohol$60100 mL
Wine #2: pH, SO2, TA, Alcohol, VA$70100 mL
Wine #3: Alcohol, Glu/Fru, Malic, pH, SO2, TA, VA$95200 mL
Brewing #1: IBU, Alcohol, Density$45100 mL
Brewing #2: IBU, Alcohol, Density, Color, pH, Calories (Calculated), Extract$80200 mL
Hops #1: Alpha/Beta Acids, H.S.I, Moisture, Oil Content & Profile$125150 g
Microbial #1: Full (WLD,SdA,LWYM,LCSM, & HLP) + Characterization $145 2 Bottles 
Wine, Cider, Juice, & KombuchaAlcohol Standard$15100 mL
Alcohol Non-Standard ( >5% Sugar or > 20% Alcohol)$25200 mL
BRIX$1550 mL
Glucose +Fructose$1550 mL
Glucose + Fructose (Inverted)$2550 mL
Malic$1850 mL
Nitrogen (NOPA + NH4)$2050 mL
pH$1550 mL
Stability -Bentonite Trial$50300 mL
Stability -Cold Stability Check$2550 mL
Stability -Heat Stability Check$2550 mL
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)$3050 mL
Total Acidity (TA)$15100 mL
Turbidity$1550 mL
Volatile Acidity (VA)$1550 mL
Copper Sulfate Trial$50300 mL
Acetaldehyde$5050 mL
Total Phenols$2550 mL
Total Tannin$3550 mL
Characterization of Sediment$301 Bottle
Filtration Dynamics (Glucans/Pectins)$20100 mL
Brewing AnalysisAlcohol (Carbonated Beverage) $25100 mL
IBU $3050 mL
Turbidity (Haze)$1550 mL
Beer Color $15 50 mL
pH$15 50 mL
Nitrogen (NOPA + NH4) $20100 mL
Alcohol, Density, Calories (Calculated), Extract$40200 mL
Acetaldehyde$50 50 mL
Gluten (ELISA Assay) POR50 mL 
Diacetyl POR50 mL
Grist (Grain Crush Analysis) $40 454 g 
Microbial AnalysisYeast Count and Viability$35100 mL
Microscopic Examination + Gram Stain$30100 mL
Sterility, Yeast and Bacteria (General Media)$35Final Bottle
Direct Plating Wild Yeast and Bacteria (WLD Media)$30Final Bottle
Filter Plating Wild Yeast and Bacteria (WLD Media)$35Final Bottle
Characterization of Yeast (Requires Plating)$15Requires Plating
Characterization of Bacteria (Requires Plating)$15Requires Plating
Serial Dilution$100200 mL
Full (WLD, LCSM, LWYM, HLP, SDA) + Characterization$1452 Bottles
Distilled SpiritsApparent Proof / Alcohol + Density$25200 mL
True Proof$40200 mL
True Proof, Apparent Proof + Proof obscuration$60200 mL
Methanol$7550 mL
Titratable Acidity$15100 mL
Glucose + Fructose (Inverted)$2550 mL
Distillation Profile by Gas ChromatographyPOR200 mL
HopsOil Content$25150g (dry)
Oil Profile$75150g (dry)
Alpha and Beta Acids, Hop Storage Index (H.S.I)$3028g (dry)
Alpha/Beta Acids, H.S.I, and Moisture Content$4028g (dry)
Moisture Content / Dry Matter$1514 g
MaltGrist (Grain Crush Analysis)$40454 g
Malt Extract Analysis (Moisture Included)$100200 g
Protein (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen)$3028 g
Moisture Content$1528 g


Additonal Services Upon Request 

The App State Chemistry and Fermentation Service Lab offers analysis beyond the most commonly requested analysis list above. Feel free to contact us if the analysis of interest is not listed or if you are interested in a research project. Price on Request (POR) are for those analysis not commonly request and depend on availability of instrumentation / reagents. Please contact the lab with any questions (828) 406-6014 or